Lockdown. It’s a frustrating time that can throw our life – and training schedules – into complete chaos. However, putting the right measures in place on what you can control at home will go a long way to you keeping your health (and sanity) in check whilst staying at home.

We’ve learnt over the last 18 months that we need to adapt and you’ve likely had to do that with your training. Without gyms we’re showing ingenuity around the house, backyard or local park – upping your cardio or changing up your training entirely.

It’s also important to manage things when you’re at home, particularly when it comes to food! Here’s some of the things you need to watch out for this lockdown.

Stick to a schedule
The working day may become more fluid and morph from day/night, but regular meals will help add some normality and structure to your routine, as well as keep you nourished and as mentally fresh as possible. Meals will also help prevent mindless boredom snacking, which is where the more ‘dangerous’ and less nutritious food habits creep in. If you can, set aside time to eat away from your WFH desk or area. This gives you both a physical as well as a mental break and allows for more mindful eating. 

Nail your breakfast
Protein, whole grains and some colour will set you up for a productive morning, this will get your entire day off to the right start and allow regularly timed snacks and meals to follow. It’s important that throughout the day that meals and snacks include protein for satiety.

Have some fun
Lockdown for some means extra time. Use this to expand your cooking skills and explore some new foods. Grab out the recipe books and start planning! Get creative, cook new meals you haven’t tried before. Planning ahead for meals means fridges and pantries can be stocked for days – cutting down on trips to the shops. 

For some, lockdown means extra juggling of kids, homeschooling and extra bodies to feed and look after. Get your kids involved in the kitchen where you can. For busy households, try and cook in bulk – leaving leftovers for help-yourself lunches and make use of grocery delivery services as well as healthy prepped meals and pre chopped veggies. 

Get some D
Lockdown shouldn’t mean neglecting the importance of some Vitamin D. Make the most of exercise time to soak up some sunshine and/or get out into the garden or balcony. Vitamin D is critical for maintaining immune function and mood. 

Stay hydrated
Hydration is key for health and cognitive function and if you find yourself constantly reaching for the snacks – then consider a hot tea instead. This keeps your hands busy and satisfies some boredom snacking. While stay-at-home rules make it tempting to enjoy a few drinks, alcohol won’t help mood or productivity over coming days. Instead, stick to one or two a couple of days a week. 

- Pip Taylor