Professional triathlete, Steve McKenna is the latest athlete to join the PILLAR Performance Team.

Taking up triathlon in 2015, McKenna has steadily climbed the PTO rankings and is now well entrenched in the sport’s top 100 athletes.

Based in Adelaide, McKenna is a four-time South Australian Triathlete of the Year.

McKenna began to make his mark in 2019, posting his best season to date featuring three race wins and four runner ups.

In spite of COVID, McKenna has put together victories at the recent Hell of the West and IM 70.3 Geelong before suffering an injury while finishing on the podium at Challenge Shepparton.

McKenna will utilise PILLAR’s leading range of sports micronutrition products to support his training and upcoming race schedule.

PILLAR CEO and Founder, Damien Fitzpatrick was pleased to welcome McKenna to the team.

“We’ve had such resounding feedback from endurance athletes about the benefits they’re feeling from our products, it’s nice to be working with Steve to support his career aspirations in triathlon,” Fitzpatrick said.

“In speaking with Steve, it’s clear to see why he’s been able to carve out such a successful start to his career – through tireless effort and a meticulous approach to his preparation.

“Like all our athletes, Steve will be using all the PILLAR micronutrition products required for peak performance, we’re excited about dialling into Steve’s high performance program throughout the upcoming season.”

McKenna said he’d been feeling the benefits of using PILLAR within his nutritional program.

​​”I’m striving to surround myself with the best high performance team, leaving no stone unturned while I chase a successful professional career in triathlon,” McKenna said.

“PILLAR is a huge step forward for me, allowing me to take care of my body and recovery better than ever before.

“Consistency is everything when you’re striving for your best. I’m taking care of my body in every way possible now, because if I’m not recovering well or I get run down, consistency isn’t possible.

“With triathlon you only get out what you put in, however hard work is one thing but it’s those smarts outside of training that have taken my performances to another level and PILLAR is the way I’m taking care of my health and recovery day-in-day-out now.”

PILLAR Athlete profile:

Name: Steve McKenna
Based: Adelaide, SA
PTO World Ranking: 64
Event wins: 6
Podiums: 4