When we think of health and what it takes to internally "feel good", we as a community are evolving to understand "feeling good" has so many encompassing Pillars.

We can train hard and eat well, but the key to longevity lies in how we approach our overall health and of course, our recovery.

It doesn't just stop when we walk out of the gym.

I've been using PILLAR for quite some time now and their range has become an essential part of my daily regime!

I've put together my top 3 products to help you optimise your performance, address common nutrient deficiencies and boost recovery.

The team at PILLAR have already put a discount on this exclusive bundle, so my code – LTC10 – isn’t needed at checkout.

Master Your Foundations Bundle

Master Your Foundations Bundle

TRIPLE MAGNESIUM will help you unwind and replenish stores, and of course, accelerate muscle recovery!

ULTRA OMEGA will help boost Omega 3’s and is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement. Safeguard your joints and improve your cognitive function whilst you’re at it!

ELITE CALCIUM contains vitamin K2, essential for ensuring calcium transported by Vitamin D is absorbed by the bones where it’s needed.



Closely monitored and managed within elite sport for decades,
micronutrition has long been a hidden bedrock of performance. Despite that, elite athletes have had to make do with products that don’t have elite athletic outcomes in mind.

PILLAR’s range of clinical sports micronutrition has been developed to change that.

Founded by athletes and formulated alongside some of the sharpest minds in nutritional science, the PILLAR range is designed to address the micronutrient requirements of athletes and the elite trainers.

The story of fuelling your health and performance is complex, and arguably it’s the micros – vitamins and minerals – that are the true heavy hitters in nutrition science.
These ‘invisible nutrients’ are critical to immune function, hormone and enzyme production, longevity and cognitive function.
Athletes and highly active individuals and their requirements for micronutrients may increase with training loads due to increased stress on body systems and a desire to not just maintain adequate levels of health – but to actually excel and perform.

Chair, AFL Dietitians Assoc.

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